Garden Maintenance
Adelaide’s Professional Garden Maintenance team
We are a prominent provider of professional garden maintenance in Adelaide’s metropolitan areas. For the last few years we have provided the highest standard of garden maintenance and landscaping to Adelaide’s eastern suburbs. Through this time, we have cultivated a reputation as an industry leader, maximising the beauty and value of residential gardens. We’re known throughout Adelaide as a team of dedicated professionals that work hard to produce stunning out door space.

We offer a wide range of services to suit your every need, no matter the type or size of the garden or lawn. We understand that each green space has its specific requirements so we made our service to be completely customizable. You can choose what your garden needs the most or just send us pictures and we can offer you the best options.

What do we include in our gardening maintenance service?

Weeding – As tedious as it could be, removing the weeds from your flower beds, vegetable patch and lawn, is vital for acquiring a robust and blooming garden as an end result.

Fertilising – Every garden could use a little boost. Leave this task to the professionals’ competence to avoid mishaps, such as overfeeding and burning your plants.

Тrimming – The overall good look of your property depends on having a presentable and neat garden. Regular hedge trimming is simply a must and more importantly, we have the skills and equipment to do it right.

Irrigation – Installing an adequate watering system can do all the difference for a blossoming garden. Our gardening specialists have the qualifications to inspect, plan, design and deliver.

Mulching – We work with referenced suppliers and can provide the benefits of mulch for your garden with a guaranteed result.